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Sausages / Sausages Blanched / Specialty / Salami / Pepperoni / Chicken / Continental / Ham / Bacon

Product Unit Qty.


Sausages Breakfast Thick App 2kg FreshEA1
Sausages Breakfast Thin App 2kg FreshEA1
Sausages Pork Chippolate App 3kg FreshEA1
Sausages Tomato & Onion App 3kg FreshEA1

Sausages Blanched

Sausages Blanched Thick 3kg StierliEA1
Sausages Blanched Thin 3kg StierliEA1


Beef Corned Quarters App 1.5kg ZammitKG1
Beef Pulled Fresh App 13kg Ribs and RoastsKG1
Beef Pulled Frozen 1kg Hans FRZNEA5
Beef Rare Roast Full App 2kg ZammitKG1
Beef Rare Roast Half App 1kg Black ForestKG1
Beef Ribs 4xApp 3kg Ribs and RoastsKG1
Beef Roast Quarter App 2kg ZammitKG1
Beef Roast Sliced 1kg ZammitEA15
Pork Belly App 14kg Fresh Ribs and RoastsKG1
Pork Pulled Fresh App 12kg Ribs and RoastsKG1
Pork Pulled Frozen 1kg Hans FRZNEA5
Pork Rib USA Style App 10kg Ribs and RoastsKG1


Salami Danish Large App 2kg ZammitKG1
Salami Danish Small App 1kg ZammitKG1
Salami Hot Sliced 1kg KREA4
Salami Hungarian Sliced 1kg ZammitEA3
Salami Spanish Hot Large App 2kg ZammitKG1
Salami Spanish Hot Sml App 1kg ZammitKG1


Pepperoni Sliced Salami 3kg ZammitEA5


Chicken Chilli App 2kg ZammitCTN1
Chicken Smoked Br App 2kg ZammitCTN1


Chorizo Sausage 2.5kg Ottowurth (HOT)CTN1
Chorizo Spanish 2.2kg ZammitEA3
Kransky 2.5kg OttoWurthEA2
New York Pastrami Half App 2kg PastoralKG1
Pancetta Mild App 2.5kg Pendle HamKG1
Pastrami Mild Half App 1.2kg ZammitKG1
Prosciutto Parma Half App 1.5kg PapandreaKG1
Prosciutto Sliced App 500g PapandreaKG1


Ham Bone In Full Or I/2 R/W Zammit/ KaczanowskiKG1
Ham Imperial App 3kg KaczanowskiEA1
Ham Leg Champ Flat App 3.5kg ZammitKG1
Ham Leg Double Smoke App 3kg KaczanowskiKG1
Ham Leg Ezy Cut App 8kg ZammitKG1
Ham Leg Prager App 3kg ZammitKG1
Ham Leg Virginia Flat App 5kg Double Smoked ZammitKG1
Ham Prager Leg Sliced 1kg ZammitEA15
Ham Prager Leg Smok App 3.5kg ZammitKG1
Ham Shoulder Square 3kg ZammitEA4
Ham Shredded 3kg ZammitEA5
Ham Skin On D/S App 7.5kg BurgomasterKG1
Ham Soccerball Leg Smoked App 3.5kg ZammitEA2
Ham Triple Smoked App 3kg ZammitKG1


Bacon Budget 1kg PrimoCTN1
Bacon Diced 3kg ZammitEA6
Bacon Eye Rindless 5kg ZammitCTN1
Bacon Rindless 5kg ZammitCTN1
Berliner 2kg PrimoEA2
Cabanossi 1kg PrimoEA1
Chicken Roll 2kg InghamEA1
Devon 3kg PrimoEA5
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