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Product Unit Qty.

Bread, Dough & Rolls

Bread M/Grain G/F Sli 2x1260g Bakers Maison 11825EA4
Bread Raisin Thick Sliced 650g Tip TopEA6
Bread White Sliced 700g Tip TopEA6
Bread White Sliced G/F 2x1260g Bakers Maison 11824EA4
Bread Wholemeal Sliced 700g Tip TopEA6
English Muffin 400g Tip TopEA6
Raisin Loaf Cafe Style 6x900g 14914 Bakers MaisonCTN1

Pita & Naan

Bread Pita Pocket 48s MissionCTN1
Bread Souvlaki 72s MissionCTN1

Pizza Bases

Pizza Base 12in GlutenFree21s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 12in Regular 15s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 12in Thin 15s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 9in Thin 48s MissionCTN1

Ready to Bake

Baguette 11150A Demi White 50s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Baguette Half 9606 White 52s SpeedibakeCTN1
Batard Petit 9528 White 60s SpeedibakeCTN1
Ciabatta Loaf White PB 12x480g ArtisanCTN1
Pain Petit 9507 White 110X55g SpeedibakeCTN1
Roll Dinner 11401A White 160s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Dinner 9570 White 160x35g SpeedibakeCTN1
Roll Dinner Mix 11415 120x55g Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Dinner Mix Gour 140x45g 11417 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Sandwich 11301 White 45s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Sandwich 11308 Mgrain 45s Bakers MaisonCTN1

Thaw & Serve

Bagel Plain 9374 32 x 120g SpeedibakeEA12
Baguette Half 11153A FB 48s Bakers MaisonEA12
Baguette Sour Dough 24x310g Bakers Maison 11125EA20
Baguette Sour Dough Baby 100g 11315 Bakers MaisonEA4
Hamburger Bun White 11807 60s Bakers MaisonEA6
Panini M/Grain 11821 64x110g Bakers MaisonEA6
Panini Rosemary 11822 64x130g Bakers MaisonEA4
Roll Sour Dough F/B 55 x 110g 11457 Bakers MaisonEA6
Roll Turkish Oval 60 x 130g 11815 Bakers MaisonEA6
Roll Turkish Sq Med FB40x125g 11753 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Sandwich Ciabatta 11801 64s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Turkish Baby Roll 72x80g 11751 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Turkish Mini Roll Cont FB 40g 11750 Bakers MaisonCTN1

Filled Pasta

Agnolotti Ricotta + Spinach 500g PozzaEA15
Lasagne Angus Beef 100% 2.8kg Allied ChefsEA5
Lasagne Spinach + Ricotta 2.5kg Just PastaEA8
Lasagne Vegetarian 2.5kg Just PastaEA8
Ravioli Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10
Ravioli Pumpkin 1kg Just PastaEA10
Ravioli Spinach + Ricotta 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Chicken 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Spinach + Ricotta 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini TriColour Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10


Sauce Bolognese Frozen 2.5kg Just Pasta FRZNEA8
Sauce Napoletana Frozen 2.5kg Just Pasta FRZNEA8


Gnocci White 1kg Just PastaEA10
Lasagne Sheet Frz 4x2.5kg Just PastaCTN1
Penne Cooked 2kg Allied ChefEA3
Spirals Cooked 2kg Allied ChefEA3
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