Frozen Goods

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Product Unit Qty.


Crumbed Sushi California 10x150g A+TEA3
Crumbed Sushi Salmon 10x150g A+TEA3
Dim Sims Chicken Large 48x110g HakkaCTN1
Dim Sims Lotus 24x80g HakkaEA9
Dim Sims Mini Chicken 1kg HakkaEA5
Dumpling Chicken + Mushroom 1kg HakkaEA6
Dumpling Pork + Chive 1kg HakkaEA6
Dumpling Pork Prawn + Egg 1kg HakkaEA6
Gyoza Seafood 1kg KBsEA8
Gyoza Vegetable 1kg KBsEA8
Noodles Egg Steamed Frozen 500g HakkaEA20
Noodles Singapore Steamed 1kg HakkaEA12
Spring Rolls 12s MarathonEA6
Thai Fish Cakes 1kg A+TEA5


Bread, Dough & Rolls
Bread M/Grain G/F Sli 2x1260g Bakers Maison 11825EA4
Bread Raisin Thick Sliced 650g Tip TopEA6
Bread White Sliced 700g Tip TopEA6
Bread White Sliced G/F 2x1260g Bakers Maison 11824EA4
Bread Wholemeal Sliced 700g Tip TopEA6
English Muffin 400g Tip TopEA6
Raisin Loaf Cafe Style 6x900g 14914 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Pita & Naan
Bread Pita Pocket 48s MissionCTN1
Bread Souvlaki 72s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases
Pizza Base 12in GlutenFree21s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 12in Regular 15s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 12in Thin 15s MissionCTN1
Pizza Bases 9in Thin 48s MissionCTN1
Ready to Bake
Baguette 11150A Demi White 50s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Baguette Half 9606 White 52s SpeedibakeCTN1
Batard Petit 9528 White 60s SpeedibakeCTN1
Ciabatta Loaf White PB 12x480g ArtisanCTN1
Pain Petit 9507 White 110X55g SpeedibakeCTN1
Roll Dinner 11401A White 160s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Dinner 9570 White 160x35g SpeedibakeCTN1
Roll Dinner Mix 11415 120x55g Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Dinner Mix Gour 140x45g 11417 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Sandwich 11301 White 45s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Roll Sandwich 11308 Mgrain 45s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Thaw & Serve
Bagel Plain 9374 32 x 120g SpeedibakeEA12
Baguette Half 11153A FB 48s Bakers MaisonEA12
Baguette Sour Dough 24x310g Bakers Maison 11125EA20
Baguette Sour Dough Baby 100g 11315 Bakers MaisonEA4
Hamburger Bun White 11807 60s Bakers MaisonEA6
Panini M/Grain 11821 64x110g Bakers MaisonEA6
Panini Rosemary 11822 64x130g Bakers MaisonEA4
Roll Sour Dough F/B 55 x 110g 11457 Bakers MaisonEA6
Roll Turkish Oval 60 x 130g 11815 Bakers MaisonEA6
Roll Turkish Sq Med FB40x125g 11753 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Sandwich Ciabatta 11801 64s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Turkish Baby Roll 72x80g 11751 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Turkish Mini Roll Cont FB 40g 11750 Bakers MaisonCTN1
Filled Pasta
Agnolotti Ricotta + Spinach 500g PozzaEA15
Lasagne Angus Beef 100% 2.8kg Allied ChefsEA5
Lasagne Spinach + Ricotta 2.5kg Just PastaEA8
Lasagne Vegetarian 2.5kg Just PastaEA8
Ravioli Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10
Ravioli Pumpkin 1kg Just PastaEA10
Ravioli Spinach + Ricotta 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Chicken 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini Spinach + Ricotta 1kg Just PastaEA10
Tortellini TriColour Meat 1kg Just PastaEA10
Sauce Bolognese Frozen 2.5kg Just Pasta FRZNEA8
Sauce Napoletana Frozen 2.5kg Just Pasta FRZNEA8
Gnocci White 1kg Just PastaEA10
Lasagne Sheet Frz 4x2.5kg Just PastaCTN1
Penne Cooked 2kg Allied ChefEA3
Spirals Cooked 2kg Allied ChefEA3


Berry Crush Smoothie Conc 12x245g Nestle SjoraCTN1
Mango Smoothie C/trate 12x245gCTN1


Potato French Fries & Wedges
Chips 10mm Choice S/Cut 4x3.5kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 10mm S/cut 6x2.5kg Potato PerfectionCTN1
Chips 10mm Supa Crunch 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 10mm U/Fast S/C 4x3.5kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 11mm S/cut 4x2.5kg FoundationCTN1
Chips 13mm B/B Platter 13.56kg Lamb Weston 6x2.26kgCTN1
Chips 13mm B/Batter S/Cut 6x2kg MccainCTN1
Chips 13mm Classic B/Bat 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 13mm Classic S/C 4x3.75kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 13mm Crinkle Cut 3x5kg Top FriesCTN1
Chips 13mm S/Cut 4x2.5kg FoundationCTN1
Chips 13mm S/cut 6x2.5kg Potato PerfectionCTN1
Chips 18mm B/Bat BBoys 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Chips 7mm ShoeString 4x3kg Top FriesCTN1
Chips B/Bat Steakhouse 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Chips Cream Flesh 10mm 6x2.5kg McCainsCTN1
Chips Cross Trax 6x2.04kg MccainCTN1
Chips Diamond Cut B/Bat 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Chips ExtraCrunchy 10mm 6x2kg Potato PerfectionCTN1
Chips Spiral 6x2kg MccainCTN1
Chips Steak Cut 4x2.5kg FoundationCTN1
Chips Steak Cut 6x2.5kg Potato PerfectionCTN1
Chips Stealth 9mm 13.62kg Lamb Weston 6x2.27kgCTN1
Chips Supacr Steakhouse 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Potato Rosti 4x2kg EdgellCTN1
Scallops Potato Frz 120s Potato PerfectionCTN1
Sweet Potato Wedges 6x1.13kg Harvest SplendorCTN1
Wedges Crunch Potato 6x2kg EdgellCTN1
Wedges Seasoned Potato 6x2kg MccainCTN1
Wedges Spicy Potato 2kg Potato PerfectionEA6
Wedges Spicy Potato 6x2kg EdgellCTN1


Quiche Mini Combo 72x46g PattiesCTN1

Pastries & Croissants

Croissant 12611 Choc Large 60s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Savoury Filled
Cheese + Spinach Triangles 30s AntoniouEA4
Pastizzis Fetta + Ricotta 12x50g GatoEA12
Pastizzis Spinach + Ricotta 12x50g GatoEA12
Croissant Lg Butter 48x110g Bakers MaisonCTN1
Croissant Mini 96x26g Sara Lee Fully CookedCTN1
Croissant X/L 24x110g Sara Lee Fully CookedCTN1
Croissants 36x75g Sara Lee Fully CookedCTN1
Pastry Rolls & Sheets
Puff Pastry Roll 10kg PampasCTN1
Puff Pastry Rolls 2x5kg PampasCTN1
Puff Pastry Sheets 6kg PampasCTN1
Shortcrust Pastry 10kg PampasCTN1
Shortcrust Pastry 2x5kg PampasCTN1

Processed Products

Pies & Pasties
Cheeseburger Pie 24x175g Four N TwentyCTN1
Party Pie Beef Slow Cook 48s PattiesCTN1
Party Pie Pull Pork Slowcook48 PattiesCTN1
Party Pies 72x45g PattiesCTN1
Party Pies Chicken Leek 48s PattiesCTN1
Party Pies King Island Beef 48 PattiesCTN1
Pastie Vegetable 12x175g Herbert AdamsCTN1
Petite Pie Lamb Rosemary 48x50g Culinary SelectCTN1
Petite Pies Asstd Flav 72s PattiesCTN1
Pie Beef MushRealChunk 12x200g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pie Beef Pep RealChunky 12x200g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pie Chunky Chic + Veg 12x200g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pie Halal 24x175g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pie Shepherds 12x240g Herbert AdamsCTN1
Pies Angus Beef + Pepper 12x220g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pies Angus Beef 12x220g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pies Angus Beef Ch Bac 12x220g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pies Hungry Man 12x280g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pies Meat 24x175g Four N TwentyCTN1
Pizza Mini Vpack 72x38g Culinary SelectCTN1
Pizza Single Ham And Pine 24s MccainCTN1
Potato Gems-Scallops & Cakes
Hash Brown Oval 2kg EdgellEA24
Hash Brown Special Ovals 2kg MccainEA10
Hash Brown Triangle Mini 6x2kg EdgellEA3
Hash Brown Triangles 2kg EdgellEA10
Potato Gems 6x2kg EdgellEA18
Sausages/Dogs-Batt. & Crumbed
Pluto Pups 24s ChikoCTN1
Cheese + Spinach Roll 12x220g Herbert AdamsCTN1
Chicken + Corn Roll 5kg InghamCTN1
Chiko Rolls 12sEA6
Corn Jacks 12s ChikoEA8
Falafel Nuggets 4kg FindusCTN1
Fish Cakes 36s ChikoEA1
Meatballs Gourmet 1kg Angel BayEA5
Party Sausage Roll 72x55g PattiesCTN1
Party Spinach + Ricotta Rolls 48 PattiesCTN1
Sausage Roll Ch Bacon KingSize Four N Twenty 24x180gCTN1
Sausage Roll King Size 24x180g Four N TwentyCTN1
Sausage Roll King Size 24x180g Four N Twenty HalalCTN1
Tortilla Flour 10inch 72s MissionCTN1
Tortilla Flour 12In 72s MissionCTN1
Tortilla Flour 6In 288 MissionCTN1
Tortilla Flour 8In 144 MissionCTN1
Tortilla Medit + Herb 12in 72s MissionCTN1
Tortilla Spinach 12In 72s MissionCTN1
Tortilla Tomato 12In 72s MissionCTN1
Tortilla Wholemeal 12in 72s MissionCTN1
Chicken Crumbed & Roasted
Buffalo Wings 1.5kg Steggles (chicken)EA4
Chicken Burgers Crumbed 5kg InghamCTN1
Chicken Devil Wing Dings 5kg InghamCTN1
Chicken Garlic Balls 1kg ChikoEA5
Chicken Meat Chopped 1kg InghamEA6
Chicken Meat Sliced 6x1kg StegglesCTN1
Chicken Munchies 1kg InghamEA5
Chicken Nuggets Crumbed 1kg InghamEA5
Chicken Nuggets Temp Breast 1kg StegglesEA6
Chicken Schnitzel 23x125g Colonial FarmCTN1
Chicken Schnitzel 30x210g InghamCTN1
Chicken Schnitzel 30x220g Culinary SelectCTN1
Chicken Schnitzel App 40x120g InghamCTN1
Chicken Schnitzel Breast 10x100g Cooked StegglesEA6
Chicken Schnitzel Butterfly Br 30s StegglesCTN1
Chicken Schnitzels Breast 30s Magic TasteCTN1
Chicken Schnitzels Full Breast 30s Tru Cut StegglesCTN1
Chicken Strips Breast 6kg InghamCTN1
Chicken Sweet Chilli Tenders 1kg InghamEA5
Chicken Tenderloin Crumb 1kg InghamEA5
Flaming Chicken Wing Nibbles 6x1kg StegglesCTN1
Schnitzel Panko + Quinoa 30's StegglesCTN1
Kebabs & Satays
Chicken Kebabs 48s Exotic CuisineCTN1
Beef Pulled Frozen 1kg HansEA5
Pork Pulled Frozen 1kg HansEA5
Turkey Br Carvery Roast Raw App 3kg InghamKG1
Burger Patties & Steaks
Burger Beef Slider 100x53g Cattle CountryCTN1
Burger Beef Slider 60x80g ElvysCTN1
Burger Wagyu 36x150g ElvysCTN1
Burgers Angus Beef 54x150g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Beef 45x180g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Beef 60x120g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Beef 63x100g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Beef Quarter Pounder 40s TopmarkCTN1
Burgers Beef Quick Cook 66x120g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Lamb 60x120g Angel BayCTN1
Burgers Spinach + Ricotta 3kg I+JEA6
Burgers Vegi 6x100g UncleHarryCTN1
Dolmades 280g PalirraCTN1
Sausage Breakfast Patties 81x45g ButlersEA1

Seafood (Processed)

Onion Rings Tempura 1kg KBEA10
Samosas Cocktail 96s Chefs LinkEA8
Spring Roll Cocktail 96s Chefs LinkEA8
Spring Rolls Medium Veg 36s HakkaEA8
Vegie Burgers 42x100g ButlersCTN1
Vegie Patties 36x113g I+JCTN1
Seafood Other
Prawn Garlic Butterfly 1kg A+TEA5
Seafood Extender 1kg A+TEA10
Seafood Crumbed
Calamari Rings Crumbed 1kg SealinkEA5
Prawn Cutlet Crumbed 10-15 1kg SeawaveEA12
Seafood Baskets 20x230g Pacific WestCTN1
Seafood Claws 1kg A+TEA10
Whiting Strips Panko Crumb 1kg I + JEA3
Seafood Battered
Barramundi Burger Temp 30x90g A+TCTN1
Barramundi Tempura 30x115g A+TCTN1
Burger Beer Battered Flake 24s Pacific WestCTN1
Calamari Rings Tempura 1kg Pacific WestEA5
Calamari Torpedo Salt + Pepper 1kg A+TEA5
Fish Cocktail Tempura 1kg Pacific WestEA5
Fish Cocktail Tempura 1kg SealinkEA5
Fish Snax Tempura 1kg A+TEA10
Flathead Crispy Batter 3kg I+JCTN1
Prawn Torpedo Tempura 1kg A+TEA5
Salt + Pepper Squid 3x1kg Pacific WestCTN1
Tempura Fish Fillet 30x115g Pacific WestCTN1
Tempura Fish Fillets 24x110g SealinkCTN1
Tempura Fish Fillets 24x140g SealinkCTN1

Seafood (Unprocessed)

Salmon Light Smoke 180g 5kg Pacific WestCTN1
Salmon P/C Raw Skin On 5kg 25x200gCTN1
Salmon PC Raw Skinless 5kg Just CaughtCTN1
Smoked Salmon Norwegian 1kg Il PescatoreEA12
Smoked Salmon Tasm 1kg SpringsEA10
Smoked Salmon Trimmings 500g LeroyEA20
Scallop Roe Off 20-30 1kgEA10
Calamari Fillet P/apple Cut 5k TopsailCTN1
Calamari Tubes U10 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Calamari U5 5kg Super Tender Just CaughtCTN1
Octopus Baby 16-25 IQF 1kgEA10
Octopus Baby 16-25 IQF 1kg SeawaveEA10
Squid Ring Blanched Uncrumb 1kg TopsailEA5
Tuna Portions 180g Skinless 5kg TopsailCTN1
Prawns Raw
Green Prawn Cutlet 16-20 1kg Just CaughtEA10
Green Prawn Cutlet 21-25 1kg Garlic Marinated SeawaveEA10
Green Prawn Cutlets 26-30 1kg Just CaughtEA10
Green Prawn Meat 1kg 26-30 Lee PoonEA10
Green Prawn Meat 31-40 1kg Blue KingEA10
Prawns Cooked
Prawn 100-200 T/off Cooked1kg Palm SeasEA5
Prawn 26-30 T/on Cooked 1kg TopsailEA10
Prawn 60-90 Pink C+P 1kg A+TEA5
Fish Fillets
Barramundi 200-300 SkinOn 5kg Just CaughtCTN1
Barramundi Fillet 200-300 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Barramundi Fillet 300-500 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Barramundi Fillets 100-200 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Basa Fish Fillets 120-170g 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Basa Fish Fillets 170-225g 5kg SeawaveCTN1
Marinara Mix 1kg TopsailEA10
Mussels Half Shell Med 1kg IQF SanfordEA10
Crab Seafood Sticks 1kg A+TEA10


Butter Medallions Froz 240x8g Western StarCTN1


Beans Green Whole Baby 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Broccoli Froz Iqf 1.5kg EdgellEA6
Carrots Baby 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Carrots Diced 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Cauliflower Froz 2kg EdgellEA6
Corn Kernels Froz 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Jardin Vegetable Mix 1.5kg EdgellEA6
Mixed Vegetables 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Onion Sliced 1.5kg NaturesLinkEA6
Peas Froz 2kg Natures LinkEA6
Spinach Chopped IQF 2.5kg Natures LinkEA4


Puree & Pulp
Avocado Chunky 454g Unsleeved Wholly GuacamoleEA16
Banana Coulis 500g SunnysideEA18
Mango Coulis 500g SunnysideEA18
Mixed Berry Coulis 500g SunnysideEA18
Passionfruit Pulp 500g SunnysideEA18
Raspberry Coulis 500g SunnysideEA18
Strawberry Puree 1kg Chefs PrideEA12
Mango Cheeks 1kg SunnysideEA12
Blackberries Frozen 1kg Speedy BerryEA10
Blueberries Frozen 1kg Speedy BerryEA10
Boysenberries Frozen 1kg Speedy BerryEA10
Mango Cheeks Bulk 5kg SunnysideCTN1
Mango Diced Budget 1kg Ground ValueEA10
Mixed Berries Budget Bulk 10kg Ground ValueCTN1
Mixed Berries Fr The Woods 1kg SunnysideEA12
Raspberries 1kg Speedy BerryEA10
Strawberries 1kg Speedy BerryEA10
Banana Chunks 1kg SunnysideEA10
Banana Whole + Broken Peeled 10kg SunnysideCTN1
Quiche Mini Vpack No.1 72s Culinary SelectCTN1


Portion Controlled
Apple Rhub Cake GDF Mini 8x100g PriestleysEA6
Banana Toffee Tart Mini 6x110g PriestleysEA6
Blueberry Chcake Mini 8x100g PriestleysEA6
Caramel Sticky Date Cake 8x120g PriestleysEA6
Choc Ooze Individual Desserts PriestleyEA4
Citrus Tart Mini 6x125g PriestleysEA6
Custard Tart Mini 6x100g PriestleysEA6
Friands Blueberry GF 12x85g PriestleysEA2
Friands Raspberry GF 12x85g PriestleysEA2
Lamington Gluten Free 6x95g PriestleysEA6
Orange Alm Cake GDF Mini 8x90g PriestleysEA6
Peach Passion ChcakeMini 8x100g PriestleysEA6
Pear Wal Cake GDF Mini 8x114g PriestleysEA6
Raspberry Chcake Mini 8x100g PriestleysEA6
Spiced Apple Frangipane Tart 16s PriestleyEA2
Strawberry Tart 6x100g GF PriestleysEA6
Wh Choc + Pecan Tart Mini 6x115g PriestleysEA6
Pancake Plain 6x60g GoldenEA5
Portion Controlled Sweetener
Naturals Equal Sweetener 300sEA1
Pecan + B/scotch S/Sce Pudding 16s PriestleyCTN1
White Choc + Rasp S/Sce Pudding 16s PriestleyCTN1
Waffles Belgian Unwrap 24x100g PegiCTN1
Chocolate Fudge Sauce 500ml Chefs PrideEA12
Salted Caramel Sauce 500ml Chefs PrideEA12
Churros Plain 4x25s Churro FantasticoCTN1
Date Honey Loaf GF Sliced 1.2kg PriestleysEA4
Orange Alm Loaf GDF Sliced 1.2kg PriestleysEA4
Muffins Apple 6x150g PriestleysEA4
Muffins Banana Walnut 6x145g PriestleysEA4
Muffins Blueberry 6x150g PriestleysEA4
Muffins Double Choc 6x150g PriestleysEA4
Muffins Raspberry Low Fat 6s PriestleysEA4
Muffins Raspberry Wh Choc 6s PriestleysEA4
Crepes Sweet
Crepes Traditional French 12s Chefs PrideEA6
Wh Choc + Maca Cookies GF 10x56g PriestleysEA6₩
Danish 12703 Mini Mixed 150s Bakers MaisonCTN1
Frozen Yoghurt
Yoghurt Frozen Vanilla 10L EverestCTN1
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Vanilla 10L BullaEA1
Ice Cream Vanilla 5L BullaEA2
American Brownie Tray 15x68g PriestleysEA1
Apple Slice Tray 15x114g PriestleysEA3
Banana Bread Sliced 12s GF PriestleysEA4
Blueberry Brulee Cake Wh 2.2kg PriestleysEA6
Brownie Sliced G/F 15x68g PriestleysEA1
Caramel Slice GF Tray 15x122g PriestleysEA1
Caramel Slice Tray 15x130g PriestleysEA4
Carrot Cake Slice Tray 15x125g PriestleysEA1
Carrot Slab Cake 2.25kg Sara LeeEA1
Cherry Ripe Cheesecake 16x148g Cadbury PriestleysEA6
Cherry Slice Tray 1.5kg PriestleysEA1
Choc Slab Cake 1.8kg Sara LeeEA8
Choc Vani Chcake GF Slice Tray PriestleysEA4
Flake Cheesecake Slice 18x102g Cadbury PriestleysEA12
Jaffa Slice GF Tray 18x94g PriestleysEA1
Macarons Assorted 96s La RoseCTN1
Milk Chocolate Cake 16x159g Cadbury PriestleysEA2
New York Cheesecake PriestleysEA1
Passionfruit Chcake Wh 2.64kg PriestleysEA36
Red Velvet Cake Sliced 2.35kg PriestleysEA6
Red Velvet Slice 18x125g PriestleysEA3
Tiramisu Sliced 15x110g PriestleyEA12
  • Ingham
  • Masterfoods
  • McCain
  • Nestle
  • Pacific West
  • Steggles
  • Zammit